An Online Store Perhaps

Everyone’s into selling these days, and online stores have been sprouting like mushrooms in the world wide web. Online shopping has become even more secured and has become a trend these days. I myself shop online for clothes and I have done it a lot of times, so I am thinking of setting up my own online store. I still don’t know what to sell, and I am still thinking of the most salable items or products nowadays. When I do start an online store, competition will be very stiff as there are big names and giant brands who have online stores and attract many customers. I could not match up to their level and if I do, I would need something to make that happen. Although I have the option to look into small business startup loans for a kick off, I still don’t know if I can really make it.

It is a very cutthroat competition and business so surviving it would definitely be a must and if I really do want to start an online store, I should get the right market for my products, and must have exceptional customer service and other perks to keep customers loyal. Now the BIG question remains, what should I sell? ;-)


Victoria Secret Purchase

I have recently purchased two items at Victoria Secret… and that was not even for me. It was a gift for my cousin who just celebrated her birthday.

I got her a VS Fantasies Classics Delicate Petals Fragrance Mist and an Off-the-Shoulder tunic with grey/white cabana stripes. Even though I am not sure if she will like it, but I am hoping that she will. It may not be equal to what she gave me for my birthday, but I guess it’s the thought that counts. I wanted to buy her a purse but I am not sure if she is a fan of such so I just decided to buy her stuff from VS.

I wanted to buy one for myself too so that I can get the free tote with my purchase but then I realized that she lives in the US and that shipping to Canada will make my total reach to the ceiling, so I decided not to buy things for me, even though I really wanted to buy the swim wear that was on sale. Oh well, maybe next time or probably I’ll visit the VS store the next time I am at the mall, that way I can save the shipping fees.