No Halloween Costumes

It’s a few days before Halloween and being part of the Western culture and tradition, children (and adults) dress up in ghostly or superhero costumes and go trick or treating. Since the little boys have no costumes yet and I really don’t have plan of buying them, the eldest especially has been bugging me to get him one. I really think it’s a waste of money and I believe that when doing so, we give honour (somehow) to the pagan practices. We don’t worship or serve these ghosts, these zombies, I am not against it either, I just find it (getting a costume) a waste of our hard-earned money. The money use to spend the costume can be used to buy our weekly grocery instead, right?

So anyway, because it’s a celebration here (better than Christmas), there are so many Halloween parties going all around town, on the 31st itself, there will be lots of bars and night clubs who have turned their spaces into a place that you would never want to be in. For sure there will be great-sounding music and DJs can turn the beat up and make the party live with akai apc40, the perfect equipment to rock and bring the house down!

As for our household and for the boys’ costume, I still don’t know, I really don’t have plans of buying them any, so I hope there won’t be zombie faces and scary screams when October 31st comes. :-)


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