New Winter Gloves

I’ve got the little boys new winter gloves because they need it the most, especially my school boy who walks to school everyday and the winter gloves that he had last year are all torn and two of them don’t have matching pairs anymore. Even though I put labels on them, he still lost them and could not be found in the school anymore. So I bought my school two new pairs of winter gloves, and for the little boy, I bought him two as well. I still have plans of buying the little boy another pair, one that he can use to play with snow.

I have seen lots of cute winter gloves for small boys at Winners when the little boy and I went there the other day. I bought him a new pair of jacket and pants for Fall and I bought myself a long-sleeved Nike active top. The jacket-pants set I bought for the little boy was a size bigger for him, I had to buy that so that he can still use it next year. Kids grow up so fast and if I buy him the right size now, he would not be able to use it the next season.

Anyway, I will go back to Winners to buy the little another winter gloves and maybe one for me and for hubby. These are just the many accessories that we need to keep us warm for the coming Winter.


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