New Undies from VS

Yey! I’ve finally bought new undies from VS the other week!

Honestly, it is my first purchase at Victoria Secret and I got the undies on sale. They were 4 for $35, and yes it is still not cheap because I choose the seamless one. The cotton undies were at $25 for 7 but because I wanted the seamless ones, I skipped on the cotton ones, maybe next time, I will get them. There were also very Sexy Underwear available and on sale but since I needed the basic ones for now, I thought of just buying the sexy undies next time as well. The thongs were also on sale and oh my, I was torn between getting two thongs instead of the cheekinis. ;-)

I got the small size and since it is my first time to buy, I really don’t know if the small size is really small or might be a little big for me. I haven’t worn them and so I will still have to find out. I hope it’s not that big for me as the undies are made of spandex and they do stretch. I don’t want to return them if they are a bit big for me, the mall is a bit far from us, so I really hope that it’s not.

Anyway, hubby liked the idea that I bought new undies and he said, it would have been nicer if I got one sexy undie he found online, hehehe. Oh hubby! ;-)


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