Unused GAP Gift Card

I still have an unused GAP gift card and even though it is just worth $50 (and GAP’s a little expensive), it can still buy a couple of stuff, right?

We were at the mall the other day and since the gift card was just in my wallet, we decided to drop by the GAP store to see some things that our GC could afford. Yes, there were a few stuff that my GC can afford, but it was only for the little boys. I went to the clearance area (which there was not so much) but found nothing nice. I’ve spotted some shirts for Bogs and Job which could be used at this time but they were a bit expensive and my $50 GC could only buy two or three tops (that’s how expensive GAP for me is). So any way, we thought that it was not worth our time. I said to myself that I’d check online if there are more clearance and sale going on at GAP and maybe then I can use my GC. So for now, it remains unused.


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