Pearl Jewelry

pearl jewelryIf you don’t know, I am no jewelry fan. I don’t wear rings (even my wedding ring), I don’t have a necklace and other accessories but when it comes to pearl jewelry, I just love it. I am not sure, but there something that draws me to pearl. On my wedding day, I decided to wear pearls as my earrings and a pearl necklace to complement the earrings. That pearl jewelry set was very cheap and yet it was like I wore an expensive set of white and pretty pearls.

Now, I’ve been wanting to wear them again, I mean there’s no special occasion that calls for me to wear something elegant and nice to look at. I’ve seen at pearl neclaces and they are just so pretty. I wish I could buy one those earrings and ring at the website. They do have a good collection of pearl jewelry.

Anyway, even if I am not a jewelry fan, I still like pearls and even if I don’t usually wear jewelry, I would wear if it’s pearl. :-)


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