Of Weddings and Settling Down

Planning a wedding and the wedding ceremony itself is a stressful one. When I decided to settle down, I also decided to do the planning myself. With so little budget, I went for the most affordable yet quality wedding supplies, that included my wedding gown, invitations, souvenirs, wedding photos, reception and all that is about the wedding. I even thought of including wedding party linen rented tablecloths since I had a garden wedding. But thankfully, the venue for the wedding reception included tables, chairs, linens, etc so I saved a lot from that. With everything in my hands, I believe my wedding pulled through without much hassle and problems, oh, except that I ran out of video tape, lol!

So anyway, weddings are fun to organize, if I’d to marry my husband again, I would still plan it myself and make sure I have extra video tapes or CDs for our wedding video! :-) With all the wedding supplies and suppliers available on the Internet, I am pretty sure, everything will run smoothly and will be as memorable as our wedding ceremony nine years ago! :-)


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