To the Donation Box

I cleaned the closet today and I slowly took out some of our summer clothes that I know will no longer be worn in the coming days because it has been getting a little chilly outside. The mornings have become colder and my son goes to school with his sweater on already. So I guess it’s time to take out the clothes for Fall and Winter. And since I have somehow “organized” our closet, I’ve realized that we have so many clothes that some have not been worn at all. Most have been given to us and some I have bought, so anyway, since there is an overload of clothes in the closet, I decided to put those unused ones in a shopping bag and take them to the donation box.

I am quite a “hoarder” myself, I keep things that has a significant value to me, so it’s kind of hard to let go of some things that has been with me even for just a couple of months, so putting all those clothes and giving them away for others to take advantage of was, let’s say, a little difficult for me. But I had to, or else, we won’t have any space left in the closet. :-)

I am sure that there will be people who will be happy with what I have given, there were also several pairs of shoes so those who will get it will definitely be smiling from ear to ear. :-) Now, I have a closet still full of clothes, and yet, they are those that we really use.


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