Ameica’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 (2.0)

One of my favorite shows is back, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20.

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This cycle has extended its invitation to male model aspirants too. I’ve watched the premier episode and it was fun to watch boys and girls compete for the top 16 and reach their dreams. I really love watching America’s Next Top Model, I love how Tyra Banks help the contestants in the journey to achieving their goals and ambitions of becoming models. So far, the challenges have been tough and difficult for some of the contestants and there are a chosen few who have shone and rose to the challenges.

Tyra Banks also have branded this cycle as Fierce… if I am not mistaken and so far, the aspirants have been fierce in their battle to get to the finish line. To┬ádetermine the winner or winners are in a certain challenge, scores from the judges and the social media will be added together. This is one is quite different from the previous cycle but I like it though as it is interactive.

Even if I get to see only the recorded episodes, I still feel very updated of this year’s cycle. I still have no one favorite as they are all talented and incredibly amazing. Okay, so before I miss the next episode, I’d better check out first on because I need something to hold one part of my camera that has been detached during our camping.


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