Clothes to Bring for Camping

We will have our camping this weekend and I am busy ironing and packing our backpacks. Since we were told that our rented trailer is fully furnished, we only have to bring clothes and food, extra towels and a blanket. So I listed down what clothes (and other stuff) to bring for our camping:

  1. Sweaters – it can get cold in the night (even with the camp fire on).
  2. Bathing suits – for me (even if I don’t have plans of going swimming), for hubby and the little boys
  3. Tops and tanks
  4. Extra shorts and or maybe a pair of pants (for hubby)
  5. Bedtime pajamas
  6. Undies for all of us
  7. Flip flops
  8. A pair of socks

So all these, I placed in my backpack, since we will be out for just three days and two nights, one backpack was enough to hold the clothes and one big bag for the towels, blanket and our sweaters. Some of the toiletries were in the backpack and the rest of the other stuff was just inside the big bag since it still had a lot of space.

I am ready… and a bit excited for our camping and hopefully, I did not forget anything. :-)


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