Victoria Secret Purchase

I have recently purchased two items at Victoria Secret… and that was not even for me. It was a gift for my cousin who just celebrated her birthday.

I got her a VS Fantasies Classics Delicate Petals Fragrance Mist and an Off-the-Shoulder tunic with grey/white cabana stripes. Even though I am not sure if she will like it, but I am hoping that she will. It may not be equal to what she gave me for my birthday, but I guess it’s the thought that counts. I wanted to buy her a purse but I am not sure if she is a fan of such so I just decided to buy her stuff from VS.

I wanted to buy one for myself too so that I can get the free tote with my purchase but then I realized that she lives in the US and that shipping to Canada will make my total reach to the ceiling, so I decided not to buy things for me, even though I really wanted to buy the swim wear that was on sale. Oh well, maybe next time or probably I’ll visit the VS store the next time I am at the mall, that way I can save the shipping fees.


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