Old Navy Shopping

I have finally used the Old Navy gift card worth $50. Hubby, me and the little boys were at the one of malls here and I made sure that we visit the Old Navy store and use the card to purchase items. So hubby let me do the shopping, of course, and he was left to look after the boys… hehehe… ;-)

Since the card’s worth was only $50, I went to the clearance sections for women, men and kids. I went through all the items that were hanged and found several pieces to my liking. So what did I purchase? For my eldest, I got him a hoodie (for school opening in Fall), for the little boy, I got him a sweater. For hubby, I got him two sweaters and some swim shorts, and for me, I just got myself a tank top which I plan to use as a coverall when we head to the Niagara region next month for our camping, and a pair of flip-flops. My purchase left me about $2 in the card. It wasn’t really that a haul, but I am still able to save. I made sure that my boys had something to keep them warm during the cold months which will be just a few weeks away.

I still have a GAP gift card, so hopefully, the next time we go to the mall, I will be able to use it.


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