Another Accessory

For people who smoke, cigars or cigarettes are just another part of their accessories. Being fashionable and elite-looking can sometimes be accentuated when you’re holding an arturo fuente cigar or a cool looking e-cigarette. But to all my readers, I am not encouraging you though to be doing such thing, that is only applicable to people who smoke. Just like what we see in the movies, when mafia heads or elite people are conversing or in a social party, they always have another accessory in their hand, the cigar. They just look so authoritative and so manly when they puff the smoke out and blow their cigars.

It may not be for everyone but one can never judge a person with what they have, right? So whatever you wear, whatever others wear, whatever their accessories are, just let them be, let them express what they are. Just remember to wear decent and not make everyone’s head turn and eyebrows raised. :-)


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