Expecting Some Gift Cards

My cousin (and best friend) and I had a conversation in Facebook this week and she has been asking me questions about some stores here in Canada. She asked me if there are Old Navy, GAP, Aeropostale and other stores like that here and I said yes there are. I also told her that the nearest Old Navy or GAP store here in our place is about 20 minutes drive. I was curious as to why she asked me those, then later in our conversation, she told me that she has gift cards from those stores and she will send them to me.

Woowwww! Are you sure? That was my first reaction when she told me that she will send me three gift cards from stores of my choice. Isn’t that cool? I mean we have been friends and have shared a lot of things together when we were younger until we parted ways. She works in the US, I remained in our homeland then until we finally migrated here.

So now that she has told me about her plans, I am quite excited. I can’t wait to receive the gift cards, she did not mention how much each gift card will be, but as long as I can buy without shelling out cash, that’s way super cool. I do plan to buy in the stores so that I can fit the clothes or shoes or whatever I will buy.

I am really excited. Thanks to you Manang Leng! Luv yah!!! :-)


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