Summer Style and a Getaway


With just a few weeks to go for the “beach body” season, many are already prepping for their summer style and look, and along with the preparations are plans of traveling and having a getaway.

Summer styles are all over the mall right now, even in online stores, from skimpy swimwear to short shorts, maxi dresses, flip flops, sandals and even beach and tote bags are on special sale. These are not the only ones on sale, mind you. Getaways, flight and travel deals and tours are also on sale. Special prices on tickets on various travel websites and travel agencies are also being offered for the most memorable summer one can have. This summer getaway can be a trip to the African safari and experience the wildlife in their natural habitat or to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean islands. Whatever your plans and wherever your beach body will take you, there are so many specials and flight deals for you.

If you do your research, you can get ethiopian airlines ticket at a travel website for a special price (if you book ahead), that is for a great African adventure for the summer (for a change). You can also reserve for a trip to the Bahamas as well and be ready to flaunt your curves and soak up the sun if you prefer to get a tan and sink your feet in the sand.

So whether it is a Safari adventure or a beach and wave trip, don’t forget to book ahead and ready your travel documents. Pack the most important getaway outfits, choose those that are appropriate for your destination and lastly, have a blast!


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