Leather Wallet for Hubby

It’s our anniversary month and I am planning to surprise him with a new leather wallet. The last one I gave him one was eons ago and it’s showing wear and tear already. So since I have been checking an online store these past few weeks, and have bought two purses from the store, I might as well look for some nice leather wallets too. I have actually seen their collection of men’s accessories and oh boy, they are so pretty and elegant. So I think it will be perfect for hubby as my anniversary gift.

Because I have bought my two purses when they were on a special event, perhaps it would be a better idea (and for me to save for another gift) to wait for another special event and then buy him a leather wallet. I am sure that he would love to get a new one.

Anyway, our anniversary is by the month-end so I still have time to choose and shop and shipping just takes a few days, so if I order by next week, I can keep it for a few days and surprise him on our anniversary… ;-)


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