Coat Rack

coat rackI need a coat rack with caster wheels and locks! A coat rack that Job won’t be able to push and pull around the living room. I don’t like how our living room looks like now, all our coats are hung on the chairs backrest and it is such unsightly! Hubby doesn’t even care and is also not helping at all. He just leaves his clothes where he has taken them off and I get to pick after them. :(

Anyway, I have been looking for a coat hanger that’s sturdy and can hold up to four or more coats. I have been telling the boys to hang their coats inside the closet but they are just so lazy to do so. I end up hanging them myself. The one in the image is what I like. It is a bit costly though but it is a nice one. There’s a storage at the bottom where I can put some of our everyday accessories. With a coat rack, our living room won’t be cluttered anymore.

I just hope I can find one soon (and buy one). I do hope to get a good deal too. :)



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