My Scoodie

When one of the members of the group in Facebook posted a photo of her scoodie, my interest was piqued. When I saw how it can be so useful for me, I did not hesitate to order one from her since she was making and selling it. She sent me a private message in Facebook and informed me of the price, it was not that bad, knowing that it would take a whole lot of effort to knit it plus the shipping fees and all. So we agreed and last week, I got the scoodie.

Oh by the way, she coined the term scoodie for the scarf that has a hood.


Forgive the poor quality of my photo, it was taken with the iPad and hubby took it and his hands were shaking that time not to mention that I am no good in posing for the camera. I am such a lousy “model.” :-) Anyway, I love the scoodie because I don’t have to bring a bonnet and a scarf because the two have been put together. It is actually perfect for spring and fall when the temperatures are not the low. I use them everyday on my way to work and when I pick up Kuya Bogs in school. It is such a big help for me.

I am thankful to Mommy Adin for the scoodie! :-)


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