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UGG Leland Boots

I got myself a new pair of boots! Oh well, this is actually a long overdue post.

I bought it at I was browsing through their clearance tab and saw that UGG Australia was having a sale, so I checked out this UGG Leland boots.

UGG Leland Boots

The first time I saw my friend wore this, I fell in love with it instantly. So when it was on sale at, I asked hubby if he could spare me a hundred bucks for this boots. My Paypal was empty that time so I could not purchase it using my Paypal, but hubby has a credit card, so I asked him if I can charge it to his card and promised to pay him. Gladly, he allowed me, so I purchased this pair of boots! Wohooo! :-)

This is perfect for the Fall season where the temperatures are not below the freezing point and when the sidewalks are not slippery. :-) Since the winter here in Ontario is not as harsh as the other states in Canada, I use this too during winter, but only when it’s not snowing or when the snow has already melted and the sidewalks are clear of snow. I just love this boots and they are so comfy and I think I can buy another pair of UGG boots with this one, lol!

I am thankful to Recel for receiving this boots in her home in the US and shipping it to me here. Since does not ship internationally, I had to ask the favor of some of my online friends who live in the US and I am just glad that Recel happily volunteered. Thank you so much Cel! I owe you big time! :-)

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