$20.13 Sale at 6pm.com

There’s an ongoing $20.13 sale at 6pm.com today. When I opened my email today, I saw the alert and headed out to the website to check out the thousands of shoes, sandals, wedges, pants, jackets and so much more! Everything pegged at $20.13!!!

I am itching to click on an item and buy one, but my mind is telling me not to because unfortunately, 6pm.com does not have international shipping. Just one thing that I do not like about 6pm.com, but when it comes to prices, they’re affordable and I love the products that they sell. But I happen to buy from 6pm.com last November. I bought a pair of boots, the one that I wanted. So I had a friend of me receive my items in the US and she had it shipped to me here. I was able to save a lot from the shipping fees but I took some time off of my friend, but she said, she’s okay with it.

Right now, I am browsing at the many products that are just $20.13 and I am still thinking if I will buy or not. But when I think of the hassle and that they don’t ship internationally, I think I won’t buy. Well, I’ll just content myself with browsing, lol! :-)


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  1. Yannie Says:

    Wow UGG! Nice na pinx very comfy daw. Ma check gani na nga site nga imo gi mention basi makaswerte pud ko.
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