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Fleece-Lined Denim for Kuya Bogs

Finally, I was able to go to the mall and bought Kuya Bogs a pair of fleece-lined denim at the Children’s Place. I actually went first to H&M to check out if they have and yes they did have at about $19. Then I went to the Children’s Place and I don’t know why I settled to buying at the Children’s Place which was a bit more expensive than H&M.

fleece-lined denimAnyway, I bought this for $24.99 from its regular price of $29.95. I have my eyes closed when I paid for this at the checkout, but I don’t want to worry anymore for my school boy. I know it will not provide all the warmth he will need, but it’s better than just wearing the plain pants on cold winter days.

I should have gone again to H&M and bought him another pair, but it was too much for me anymore. I have to work extra hours for that though, hehehe.

So I hope these pants will fit him till next Fall or Winter. I purposely bought him one size bigger than his size now so that we can still use that next year. Anyway, as long as he has one now, I am a happy mum!

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