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More Clothes for the Little Boys

The little boys got some more clothes! Some of them new and some are old. But I don’t really mind if they are old, as long as they can still be used.

Hubby’s cousin and his family brought a big bag of clothes for the little boys. There was a jacket, sweaters and a couple of shirts for Kuya Bogs. For Baby Job, some shirts too and a scarf and pairs of gloves for me, and for hubby, a jacket too. Our winter wardrobe is finally getting into place. We still lack mittens for both the little boys, scarves too and some head gears for us to keep our faces from the very cold wind during the winter months.

I am still worried for Kuya Bogs since he goes to school everyday and we just walk, I am afraid that he might feel very cold with just his pants on (with an extra fleece pants inside or sometimes, his PJs :-) ). So I am planning of buying him a fleece-lined pants at one of the clothing stores here and that is if I have the time to go to the mall. But I really do hope I can get him one sooner because it’s getting cold out here and in just a few days or weeks, it will be winter! :-)

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