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Missed Wearing Sandals

I miss wearing sandals and flats. :(

I have been wearing rubber shoes, sneakers and boots for two months now since we arrived here in Canada and I worry so much about my cute little toes and nails ;-) Because I wear closed shoes now, my little toe gets hurt and one of my toenails is slowly reaching its “timely” demise, huhuhu… :-( Plus, I worry too that because my feet are sweating here (they don’t sweat at all back in the Philippines), I might get smelly feet… uh oh!!!!

Since it’s the winter days and summer has gone, sandals and flats will have to be kept for the meantime and I guess by that time, I am also wearing nail colors!!!! Oh my! One of my most dreaded things, wearing nail polish! But if my toes and my toenails are really that bad to look at, then I am left with no choice at all! It would not be so really nice to look at dark toenails while wearing sandals/slippers, right?

Anyway, I know time flies by so fast, so winter will just come and go! So spring and summer… I’ll be waiting!

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