Of Weddings and Settling Down

Planning a wedding and the wedding ceremony itself is a stressful one. When I decided to settle down, I also decided to do the planning myself. With so little budget, I went for the most affordable yet quality wedding supplies, that included my wedding gown, invitations, souvenirs, wedding photos, reception and all that is about the wedding. I even thought of including wedding party linen rented tablecloths since I had a garden wedding. But thankfully, the venue for the wedding reception included tables, chairs, linens, etc so I saved a lot from that. With everything in my hands, I believe my wedding pulled through without much hassle and problems, oh, except that I ran out of video tape, lol!

Familoop Safeguard helps you get to know your kid’s digital self and establishes the most complete protection in the often unsafe online world. So anyway, weddings are fun to organize, if I’d to marry my husband again, I would still plan it myself and make sure I have extra video tapes or CDs for our wedding video! :-) With all the wedding supplies and suppliers available on the Internet, I am pretty sure, everything will run smoothly and will be as memorable as our wedding ceremony nine years ago! :-)


To the Donation Box

I cleaned the closet today and I slowly took out some of our summer clothes that I know will no longer be worn in the coming days because it has been getting a little chilly outside. The mornings have become colder and my son goes to school with his sweater on already. So I guess it’s time to take out the clothes for Fall and Winter. And since I have somehow “organized” our closet, I’ve realized that we have so many clothes that some have not been worn at all. Most have been given to us and some I have bought, so anyway, since there is an overload of clothes in the closet, I decided to put those unused ones in a shopping bag and take them to the donation box.

I am quite a “hoarder” myself, I keep things that has a significant value to me, so it’s kind of hard to let go of some things that has been with me even for just a couple of months, so putting all those clothes and giving them away for others to take advantage of was, let’s say, a little difficult for me. But I had to, or else, we won’t have any space left in the closet. :-)

I am sure that there will be people who will be happy with what I have given, there were also several pairs of shoes so those who will get it will definitely be smiling from ear to ear. :-) Now, I have a closet still full of clothes, and yet, they are those that we really use.